How to recognize fake packers and movers company?

How to recognize fake packers and movers company?

When you are planning to shift to a new location, it is always best to hire packers and movers company to ease the task for you. As the name ‘packers and movers’ suggests, they help you to package all your possessions and relocate them to the new premise safely, making the relocation process much more convenient. 

Today, the packers and movers industry, estimated at ₹10,000cr, is proliferating in the country. You can easily find several such companies in the nooks of your city. But when it comes to hiring one, you should wait and give it a thought. Can all the companies take good care of your valuable belongings? Can they be trusted? Can you be sure that your goods won’t be misplaced or damaged in the process? The answer is, no. You need to be very careful while availing of relocation services.

Read on to find out how you can find out whether the packers and movers company is genuine or fake.

Who are Fake Packers and Movers company?

The relocation process can not only be costly, but all your possessions are at stake too. Damaged or misplaced consignment is a complete nightmare. You definitely wouldn’t want to break your bank on a company that is fake and unreliable. 

Genuine or fake, both types of companies have a similar set of services-packing, loading-unloading, transportation, and transit. The difference lies in how they carry out the process of relocation. Fake companies might end up misplacing some of your stuff, or worse, the entire consignment. They can charge an excessive amount of money, much higher than the standard charges. Or, they can be a fraud and will vanish in thin air with your goods. 

These fake moving companies seem genuine and reliable initially. Unless you get a better understanding of the company, you might not be able to figure out the difference and get cheated.

6 Ways to Find Out The Fake Moving Companies

Some moving companies use unethical means to earn a quick buck. It is best to stay safe from such frauds before investing your money in them. While deciding about hiring a company for relocation services, there are some elements you should have a keen eye on to avoid getting trapped by fake packers and movers company.

Here are the factors which should be considered for avoiding fake companies

Brand Name

When you are planning to opt for a relocation service, it is important to hire well-known brands. A genuine company with reliable and quality service will often have a functional status in the community. You can be assured about their services and have a comfortable relocation.

On the other hand, shady companies won’t have a definite name in the market. Despite portraying themselves as genuine, their market value will give them away. 

To avoid risk while relocating, always go for a company with better standards. 

Market Repute

A company with a huge brand name doesn’t always mean they are reliable and safe for hiring. The name might as well be infamous for their hideous deeds. Before selecting a moving company, make sure you run a background check and see if they are, in fact, worthy of hiring. 

Field Experience

While relocating, all your valuable possessions are going to be handled by relocating companies. You certainly wouldn’t put your faith in a company that has insignificant experience in this field and might end up damaging your goods. These new companies might be running for a prolonged period of time but might not be getting enough work due to their lack of credibility.

Reputed companies like Ace Relocations™  hold a lot of experience in this domain. Their brand name speaks of their quality and reliable services. They never fall short of providing the best services to their clients. The workers they assign for your relocation process are all well trained and experienced, able to handle all your goods with extreme care and efficiency.

Service Quality

Both genuine and fake companies might assure you to perform all the services you require. But are those services excellent? You should research about the services provided by the company and whether or not it is reliable. A fake packers and movers company might not only damage your goods but might even flee with them. Apart from that, they might charge you for service or quality of service they won’t even provide.

A genuine company will provide you with optimum quality services and ensure complete safety for your belongings. Ace Relocations™ guarantees personalized services with the best techniques for hassle-free relocations.

Company Workforce

The employees are the face of their company. They represent the company and depict its standard. Before you hire a company, get in touch with its team, and evaluate their behavior. An employee of a fake company will not have as much professionalism as a genuine one. He might try to manipulate you into hiring the company for relocation services. Moreover, the staff of a fraud company will not be able to handle the project well. They might not know the techniques of carrying out the process and might end up damaging your goods.

Unlike them, a genuine company hires qualified staff and trains them well to execute the process. They will not only communicate properly but also have expertise in handling your belongings.


To know best about a company’s credibility, look out for the reviews by its past customers. Through testimonials, you will be able to get a factual picture of what the company is all about. Fake companies will have negative reviews and testimonials. You might be able to find out why the company isn’t a good option. These reviews, coming from real people, will help you seek if the company is fake.

A genuine company must have generated a satisfied clientele. These happy customers provide a positive review, helping you to determine which is the best-suited company for your relocation needs.

There are too many traps laid out for naive customers. You should be well aware of them in today’s world and verify the company that will handle your relocation. Make sure to thoroughly check everything, right from their license to online reviews before selecting the best packers and movers company for your relocation.

Ace Relocations™ is a well-known packer and mover brand with excellent services, winning the trust of satisfied customers for almost two decades. When it comes to relocating with a genuine and reliable company, Ace Relocations™  is the way to go.

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