A crash course on how to pack like a pro

A crash course on how to pack like a pro

Wondering how some people do all the packing seamlessly?

Packing is an art, not many of us can master it. Usually while packing, wherever you stop, you will find yourself in the midst of self-made chaos and an ocean full of things. 

Either packing for a long holiday or packing to relocate, packing is always exhausting to the core. From packing only essentials while traveling to packing everything out there while relocating, we will walk you through a few important tips and tricks. Learn how to pack like a pro with these amazing hacks.

Packing hacks while relocating

  • Make a list

Try putting down everything onto a list and start ticking the boxes from your moving checklist. Listing everything down is a good start because the odds of leaving things behind would be much less. Packing can get messier, so checklist gives you a benefit of never missing anything out.

  • Buy/gather all the packing essentials

You will need a lot of new packing material starting with a couple of scissors, tape, and wrapping material. Borrow or buy as many cotton boxes as possible from a local store near you.

  • Label everything

Ever wondered how easy it would look if everything is labeled like in a pantry store?

So… stop wondering and start labeling!

Buy some sticky notes or prepare your own tags and start labeling your belongings accordingly. For starters, you can try marking all the boxes of utensils as a kitchen box to get a gist of where to put and rearrange those boxes later.

  • Categorize according to use and need

The main thing to know while packing is what goes where. Pack the similar items together, avoid mixing all the items and stuffing in the same box. Keep your essentials separate.

  • Go room by room

Usually while moving, you come across a million things you’ve never seen before. Take one room at a time, proceed in order so that you can organize and learn how to pack more conveniently.

  • Get rid of everything you don’t need

Not into your old furniture anymore? Sell it!!

Don’t take unnecessary stuff to your new place. Sell, donate, or throw away things that make your baggage lighter. Donating is the best of all because the thing of no use to you might be of some use to others.

Try dividing items, put them in different boxes, and label the boxes accordingly to donate, sell, and throw away.

  • Separate your valuables

Separate your valuables like gems, jewels, and any antique pieces from the rest of your packing stuff. Always make sure to carry valuables in a carry on bag with you and keep that bag close to you to avoid the risk of losing it.

  • Pack your decorative items first

Always start a week before your packing day. Start packing the things which you use the least like decorative items, some clothes, stuff from the kitchen, etc. This makes it more comfortable and will be left with only a few things to pack. This saves you from rushing at the last moment.

  • Carefully learn how to pack crockery and glass objects

Use bubble wraps or old towels while packing any glass items to avoid further damage. Label the boxes carrying fragile items and handle them with care while loading, unloading, and rearranging. Be a little more cautious.

  • Don’t buy pantry

If you have a habit of stocking up the pantry, you might wanna hit a pause on it for this time. Let me tell you why, if you buy a pantry in advance it will add a few extra boxes to pack and extra luggage to carry.

Keep your moving day in mind and shop your pantry accordingly, after settling down in a new place you can continue as usual.

  • Take pictures of electronics

Find the original appliance boxes of your heavy electronics like the refrigerator and air conditioner. Packing and moving would be easy to move electronics with their boxes. Clean your fridge before and after packing. 

Extra tip: Take a picture of your appliance and its settings before packing, this comes in real handy while installing the appliance back in your new home. Because the wires can be really confusing.

  • Don’t make the boxes heavy

Never pack everything in a single box. A Heavy box might damage the box itself or the stuff in it. Keep it light and leave space in every box. If the boxes become overweight there is a fair chance of things falling from the box.


  • Last day luggage

Pack all the essentials, kitchen needs, and last-minute luggage if any.

Recheck every corner, cupboard, and room to ensure nothing is left out.

Don’t hold on to doing the laundry at least a couple of days before moving.

Even while loading luggage into the truck, follow an order. Call in for extra help if you need and cross-check every room before leaving the place.

  • Find out the best moving company near you

Couldn’t do the above things? You still have hope to move happily without putting all these efforts.

Hire the best packers & movers and let them do the work for you while you sit back and relax.

Safety measures to follow while packing 

  • A first aid kit is a must-have irrespective of hiring a moving service or not. It might be of use in case of any uncertain incidents.
  • Have an ice pack or two with you.
  • Carry painkillers, band-aids just in case.
  • If there is no lift, don’t carry a heavy load in a single go.
  • With the entry of coronavirus in the country, safety should be a top priority.

Keep your sanitizer with you and carry an extra mask, sanitizer if possible. Wash your hands thoroughly and insist on everyone to do the same. Sanitize all the boxes, things before and after packing. Clean & disinfect the place before rearranging the stuff back. Have enough ventilation.

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