The ultimate unpacking guide
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The ultimate unpacking guide

Just moved into a new place? We all agree moving is just so stressful.

Don’t know where to begin the next big task ( unpacking & rearranging )? Unpacking and rearranging are intense and we don’t usually have a clue or idea to start. 

Well, you’re in the right place. You can find one hell of blogs, hacks, and one tonne of videos about packing but unpacking suggestions, directions, and how to’s are rather less. Unpacking is equally challenging and stressful because you don’t know the newly moved place well now unlike your last home where you know where everything was.

So, we are here to assist you on how to unpack your fully-loaded Houseful of stuff.

Here we give you the step to step instructions on how to start unpacking and settling down in your newly moved house.

We tried to make it simple and breakdown the whole process into steps, here we go:

Step One: Firsts things first, clean your new house before starting to unpack. Clean and sanitize every corner of the house and spray a disinfectant on all the handles and areas you touch the most. Try to prioritize and create a plan on how to start and finish. List out the things you need and jump right into giving a makeover to the new space.

Step Two: If you have visited our blog about how to pack for shifting, then you might have labeled every box, this makes the work easier. According to your understanding of what goes where separate the boxes and place them in their corresponding rooms.

If you haven’t labelled the boxes while packing just open the seal, look what’s in there and place accordingly.

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Step Three: After finishing up placing the boxes accordingly, start unpacking. Take one room at a time, pick which part of the home you want to start unpacking with, we highly recommend you begin with the kitchen first. If you have kids then organizing their room first would be a good idea too.

Don’t try to arrange everything in a single day or in one go, take your time and ace it with perfection.  

Step Four: Start with the essentials and basic necessities first. For example, much-needed utensils & basic pantry in the kitchen, daily wear clothes, and arranging the bed in the bedroom would be a pretty good start. 

Step Five:  Now, start doing the whole kitchen and bedrooms. Honestly, this part can be a little bit easy if you’ve already done labelling and followed step three. Just remember to declutter and go through everything before putting things in drawers and cupboards.

Step Six: Furniture, this might sound heavy and stressful but this is so far the easiest task of rearranging your whole house. Set the sofa, couches, and the dining table around the home, your home already looks done. Just figure out what goes where and what suits the place, simple. Then comes appliances and electronics, there won’t be a problem usually unless it’s away from the cord.

Step Seven:  This is the step where you buy essentials for the house and check what part needs a redo or which part has a repair. Call in for the help of a plumber, carpenter, and try getting it fixed as soon as possible.

Step Eight:  Change your connections to the new address like wifi and television cable. Inform them prior to the move or immediately after moving so that the work gets done without delay. As this might take time, inform them beforehand for a happy post-move.

Step Nine:  Update the new address everywhere from Aadhar card to bank or office to never miss a thing like a mail or a delivery. If you have a business card and a home office change it there too. 

Step Ten:  Hire Ace relocations and don’t worry about the other nine steps. All you gotta do is visit the website and contact us. We were not bragging about it when we said we’ll do it all. We offer to rearrange too, so you won’t be left hanging by a hook.

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