Last moment packing hacks

Last moment packing hacks

In a hurry to shift to your new home? Relocation just around the corner?

We all have been in a situation where we had to pack and leave immediately, and everyone collectively agrees to it be true. Even packing for a vacation can be quite the task, shifting the whole stuff from one house to another can feel like a trip to hell if not planned properly. But don’t you worry, we’re here with yet another useful and handy blog to guide you with your moving.

Some of the things which help if you are running out of time for your moving date:

  • Make a checklist

This is a moving checklist with a ticking clock. Get the packing essentials, contact logistics, check with the new home, get it cleaned, do the needful and try to act as quickly as possible.

  • Use DIY to make the most out of it

The first thing to do, search for the carton boxes in your home first and try to fit as many things as possible, and use the available inventory wisely. Take out the electronic’s original boxes ( if not thrown away ) to repack for the moving. Use your own clothes to pack glass items and crockery, this is one of the clever ways to save space and pack safe.

  • Lend in a pair of extra hands

Ask for help, bringing more help will accelerate the process and leave you with less stress. If you have friends & family around, ask them to pick a room and start packing or you do the packing and ask them to help with other things.

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  • Hire packers and moves 

If unfortunately, your moving day is a weekend you might find this difficult too because a lot of working families prefer the weekends for relocations. So, you might have to pay a few bucks more to find genuine and reliable packers.

  • Don’t get into the depth of packing

Don’t think and pack and do not expect to make everything perfect. Just clear the stuff out room wise and retain what you need, throw away what you don’t. After packing take a marker and write on the box, this should replace the labelling and help in identifying what is where.

  • Room by room

Start with moving the furniture first to avoid the hustle. Make a pile of unwanted things, donate or sell the stuff later. First, start with off-season clothes and least used things. Pack the kitchen at last and put the pantry, pans, and vessels for easy use and identification.

  • Essentials box

This should help you survive for a day or two, as you’ve packed in a hurry earlier it will be a mess when you unpack too. This should include a pair of comfy clothes for the family, quick bite snacks, and a few washroom essentials. Because, you will be left with an ocean full of boxes and nowhere to find things, this essentials box should be the go to and suffice for the day.

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