Shifting your House? You need to follow some do’s and dont’s

Shifting your House? You need to follow some do’s and dont’s

For many people, moving a house is not an easy task. Since there are several challenges faced by the party and several things need to be looked after. From the very basic step of booking the tickets and finding the best relocation service in India, to tough steps like setting a new house. Moving a house does require a lot of attention. An individual needs to follow some dos and don’ts of house shifting.

Various Do’s while shifting a house

It is useful to start planning in advance.

    • It is a most important task, a house shifting does require proper planning. Everything needs to be decided before and things should be planned properly as early as possible. 
    • Steps involved in planning the house shifting are following.
      • You need to choose the best relocation service or packers and movers in your area.
      • A proper list should be made that contains all the goods that need to be moved.
      • You should inform all the daily service providers such as maids, milkman about the move.
      • You should make a list of the goods that you don’t want to take in your new house and decide what to sell or donate.

A categorisation should be done for not so important stuff and important stuff.

    • Before you make a move, a list must be made, with all the important stuff that you need to take with you and less important stuff that you need to sell or donate. It is really necessary to get rid of all the old things that are not needed.

A trusted packer and movers should be hired.

    • Several packers and movers are available in the city. You should make sure that you choose the best packers and movers like Ace Relocations™. A good packer and mover service provider will do a great job. It is recommended to always check the authenticity of the company by asking about their license and registration.

Before shifting a house, you should get all goods insured.

    • Transit insurance would cover all the losses and damages of the goods during the move. You need to check with packers and movers if they provide transit insurance else you need to get it separately done from Any GIC. (General Insurance Company).  

Several pre and post moving tasks.

    •  Changing a house is a really difficult task, and it needs a lot of hard work. One should do pre-move activities, like discussing with children and other family members. Also, there could be several neighbours whom you would not like to leave. Hence you let them know why moving is necessary for you. Once you move to a new place, you need to contact several service providers, like newspaper vendors and many more.

Various Dont’s while shifting a house

While you make a shift to a new place, there are several things, which needs to be avoided. So, some of the dont’s are following.

You should never leave things and procrastinate.

    • Packing a house is a big task that requires everything to be done properly. Packing goods requires a since you need to segregate all the delicate goods and sturdy goods, which needs to be packed accordingly. Various goods will require careful packing. You should contact the packers and movers before only and discuss the budget.

You should never do all the packing on your own.

    • You should make a proper list and take help of, who will help you to do the packing. You need to take advice about moving and packing from the well-known people in this field.

Never compromise on good packers and movers.

    • It is necessary to contact the best relocation service provider in your city who will help you to make a shift. You should never compromise the quality and choose a less costly service. Since transportation of goods should be done in a proper way so there is no damage.

It is not advisable to send all the goods such as jewelry in a truck.

    • It is always best to take all the valuable goods with you such as jewelry, cash, financial documents. All the lightweight things you can carry easily along with you.  trucks with sturdy furniture.

Never get vanished while moving.

    • You should always be with the relocation service providers and guide them. During execution, Many a time, they will be having some queries that you need to solve.

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Proper planning and a detailed understanding would help you to make this process easy and without any irritation and hassles while moving a house in countries like India. You should make sure that all the things are organised properly and you should be aware while making a house shift. All things should be done in the best way according to planning. All you need to have a basic understanding and take some precautions. Relocation service providers like Ace Relocations™ will help you to shift house in the best way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to move a family while making a house shift?

It is really important that if you have kids then, you should find the best schools and other services before you make a shift. Also, you explain to your family members why it is necessary to make a house shift.. 

What to do with stuff that you don’t need to carry with you while you make a house shift.

You should make a list of things that you don’t want, and you can sell them or give them as junk. You should also give a rating according to most important to least important good.

What should you expect from the moving day?

A moving day is always chaotic, no matter how well organized you are and the number of people helping you. It is going to be a stressful and complex task. You need to be calm and work according to plan.

How to settle in the new house?

It is very exciting to get to the new house. But for getting settled you should get yourself comfortable, and talk with new neighbors and make your house look like an old one.

How can you make money while making a house shift?

Saving money is another important task and with high rates, many things are expensive. You can try to cut costs by moving only the necessary things.

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