How to relocate the office like a boss

How to relocate the office like a boss

Moving into a new and convenient office?

Moving into a new office is rather stressful, we know it. Shifting the whole office can be a nightmare with those many people getting involved and so many things to supervise. The relocation is a process of months, starting from looking for a new place to arraying everything for the employees in the new space. It gets real hectic & too much to handle for a couple of persons.

Allow us to reveal a few pro tips to plan out your move easily minus all the rush.

Pre-move planning

Where do we start?

From an exhausting amount of documents, computers to requirements like lighting, ventilation, it’s a list that never ends. Consider this a heads up before moving into a new office.

  • Start early

Moving into a new office requires a lot of planning well in advance. Don’t work in constraints, take your time and search for space which meets all the office requirements, budget too. Plan in advance because moving out into a new house is possible on your own but the moving into a new office is certainly not. Hire best packers and movers, take time and ask for quotes then decide according to service and budget.

  • Review the property, make deposits

After selecting the new area, you might have to pay a certain deposit, transfer your insurance to the new space, hire someone to make all the interior renovations, and start transforming the office according to your needs. Consider everything while reviewing the space for the office.

  • Modify the new space

Now, this is where the tricky part starts. People usually work on a budget when it comes to moving into a new office. So, getting everything done is as important as it is to meet every requirement. Building a comfortable and good working space with enough cabins for everything and cubicles for everyone is important.

  • Data and documents

This is important. Before moving out make sure to collect all your documents, confidential data, and hard disks to store somewhere safe. Let someone handle and take responsibility for all those, after the completion of moving the items can go back to a locker. Because moving is as chaotic as it is, you don’t wanna lose documents in that mess.

  • List everything you need

There is going to be a long list of things you will need for the new office. 

You might need extra cabins, desks, a few more computers, new lights, and a lot of stationery. Don’t stock these items before shifting, bring them after the moving day to avoid more baggage to carry.

  • Create a moving plan

Start coming up with a convenient plan, coordinate with all the departments, and stay in touch to discuss any additional changes. Select the moving day and inform the staff, ask them to cooperate, and take time to sort & pack their things in the cabin.

  • Appoint someone

Hire best packers and movers, put together a team or a couple of your employees to look after the moving activities with the moving staff members. Let the appointed team act as a bridge to communicate between your staff and the moving company.

  • Own cubicle cleaning

Inform the staff to pack their cubicles, give them boxes, and label the boxes with their names on it. This makes it easy for everyone to pack and put it back in the new space. If the packers do it, they might mix everything up. So, let the employees do it themselves.

  • Update address

When moving into a new office update the new office address on the mail, website, maps, google and visiting cards or brochures. 

  • IT & Technical issue

Make all the required installations for uninterrupted workflow. Get the technical and IT team to work on the new place. Internet connections, server settings, and everything else should be made at least a couple of days in advance to avoid last moment installations.

  • Keep an eye while loading

At the time of loading ask them to handle everything with extra care. There will be a lot of systems, so ask the movers to load them first.

  • Install the proper security system

Get the security installations done before the moving day, inform your staff about the changes if made any. Arrange fingerprint scanners or an entry dairy at the front desk to keep track of everything in and out.

  • Clear out the schedule

Conduct all-important meetings a week before or after the moving day. Save the presentations for later too. Before moving and after moving, there will be a mess in the whole office. So, avoid doing them in the office instead go with a virtual meeting.

  • Chose a weekend for moving

Choosing a weekend is probably best for many reasons. If you choose a Saturday as a moving day, the employees will take some time and pack on Friday before leaving then you will have Sunday for setting everything up. This way the work will not be interrupted.

Post-move process

  • Appoint someone to take care of all the new issues

New office, new problems. It is obvious that there will be many issues starting from the lighting to the internet. Appoint someone to take care of those problems and communicate with the employees. Stay notified about everything and be quick to solve the problems for an efficient workflow.

  • Ask every team head to coordinate with the members in setting up new seating spaces

Communicate and coordinate with the team heads or department managers to settle employees. Allot cubicles and cabins according to the department for a fluid workflow.

  • Decorate and make it yours

Personalize your new working space, add a few cheering quotes on the walls, put a welcome sign on the notice board. Make the office more bright and welcoming.

  • Celebrate your new move

Raise a toast to your new office and new beginnings. Have a small yet joyful celebration in the new space.

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Happy moving 🙂

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