How to relocate on your own?

How to relocate on your own?

 A DIY packing and moving Guide

In today’s day and age, people need to relocate quite frequently because of professional or educational requirements. Relocating to a new premise with all your belongings may seem daunting. It is always preferable to hire professional packers and movers who do all the work for you efficiently and safely.

However, for small scale packing and moving, like a one-bedroom house in the same city, you might want to relocate on your own. DIY relocations are a good idea for saving money and personalized relocation. 

Here we will be discussing how you will be able to relocate all your belongings without professional help!

Pros And Cons Of DIY packing and moving

No doubt, packing and moving is a very hectic and burdensome chore. Whether you do it yourself or hire professionals, you will need to take charge of the process. If you’re planning to carry out the packing and moving process on your own, you might need to take your time to consider the logistics of a relocation process. 

Some certain pros and cons come with DIY relocation. We have listed some for you


It might be beneficial for you in some ways if you’re not going to hire professional movers. Here are some more pros of relocating yourself

Easy On Pocket

Saving money is very important during packing and moving. You will need to make arrangements once you reach your new destination, which will incur hefty expenses. Through DIY relocations, you can cut out a lot of costs and save up for other requirements.

You Are In-charge

During a self relocation, you can take the lead and organise everything according to you. You can pack in your own way, carry the boxes on your own, ensuring nothing breaks, and prioritize your belongings according to you. It’s all up to you.

Pack However You Want

If you are up for relocating on your own, you don’t need to have a professional approach. You can pack however you want and whatever you want. You don’t need to use boxes and wraps to pack everything. Do it how you feel should work, and you’re good to go.


While DIY packing and moving may seem very personalized, they do have certain shortcomings. Here are some cons of self relocation

Carrying weights

No matter how many family and friends you collect, carrying heavy items will be back-breaking. Bulky goods such as beds, refrigerator, and cupboards can be difficult. Even moving smaller goods up and down flights of staircases end up in physical harassment.


While relocation without professional help, you might come across some issues that will slow down your relocation process, or even bring it to a dead end. Bulky items getting stuck in the doorway or pivot of the staircase, or not being able to dismantle your goods- anything can create havoc in your shifting planning. Think twice before doing it yourself.

End To End Planning

Relocation requires a whole lot of planning. Right from the biggest element to the smallest detail, everything has to be accounted for before jumping into action. Chances are, you and your helping buddies aren’t professional movers, and that might lead to mismanagement. Hiring a professional moving company gets you out of this issue.

Do It Yourself- Relocation

The relocation procedure needs a whole lot of planning and equally well-managed execution. If you’re relocating on your own, you will need to lay down some groundwork and need assistance in the course of execution. Here are some ways how you can easily manage your relocation

Gather Assistance

DIY packing and moving don’t mean you need to do everything by yourself. It is always suggested to have the assistance of your friends and family. Soon as you decide your shifting date, you should get in touch with people who can help you in packing and moving. Make sure they are free on the day, preferably on weekends. 

Book Transport Vehicle

Since you are carrying out the relocation process yourself, you will need to arrange for transporting your goods to the new premises. Analyze the volume of your goods and book a suitable transport for the relocation. You can book a minivan or a truck suited to your needs. Please make sure they are credible and will securely transport your consignment. Contact different transportation facilities before booking.

Preparations For The Process

Before you start packing and loading your belongings, you should have all the tools and materials handy with you. Buy cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, foam wraps, tapes, ropes, labels, and all other necessary packaging material. Make sure they are of good quality. Keep a toolkit for dismantling, scissors and markers. Label the boxes beforehand to make it convenient for your helpers to know what goes where.


Before you start with your relocation, declutter, and sort your belongings. Donate or sell the goods that you don’t need in your new home. It is never good to carry unnecessary items while relocating. Keep the size of your new premise in mind and chalk out a tentative plan of arranging it. It will help you get an idea of how many things you should take. 


Save the mess on relocation day and prepare in advance. Pack up bags and boxes with rarely used things. Empty and defrost your refrigerator at least a day before shifting. If you need assistance with dismantling electronics, call for help beforehand. Make as many prior arrangements for the D-day to have less work on hand. 

Relocation Kit

Once you’ve relocated, you are sure to be tired. Keep a kit with clothes for a couple of days and necessary toiletries- in case you would want to put off the unpacking for the next day. 

Relocating on your own can be overwhelming. At the end of the day, you and your helping friends will be mentally and physically drained. Following these simple steps will ensure that you don’t face the extra hassle during relocation, and smoothly shift into your new home, getting a fresh start.

Hiring a moving company will cut down on all of your relocation stress and hard work. They do add to your expenses but will save a lot of time and be much more efficient and secure. 

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