How to plan on moving safely during lockdown?

How to plan on moving safely during lockdown?

Anxious about relocating your home\office in between the pandemic? Thinking of moving but hit a pause because of COVID – 19 lockdown?

We know shifting can be a handful, but not anymore. Don’t worry and get overwhelmed by the baggage. Opting for packers & movers is the best thing you can do.

Ace relocations  will do it all for you. We are offering our services in this industry in more than 20 cities across India. We have 15 years of expertise and highly satisfied customers. Our services are tailor-made for you. From the household & office shifting to car transportation, we are happy to help with everything.

Ace relocations are continuing services with extra precautions and safety measures, reassuring the same even post-lockdown across India. You can always ask for extra precautions, more sanitization, or less manpower. We are ready to provide safe and comfortable services.

Here is how we keep everything in check during these corona-times :

The world is under a virus attack, every business has officially stopped and hit a downfall since the lockdown. As the lockdown is coming to an end,  but we’re not entirely safe though. So, the need of the hour is to practice physical distancing, wear a mask, and follow all the guidelines properly. We were happy to serve you then and we are happy to do even now.

  • Working according to zones.

We have started working accordingly in different zones, with enough measures. We are taking minimum & essential care in green zones where there are zero to less positive cases. When it comes to orange and red zones, we are taking many precautions.

  • Our working staff, drivers are insisted to wear masks to avoid any virus attack or spread.

We have made sure that the masks are mandatory for a safer and more sanitary working space between the employees and clients.

  • Gloves during work are compulsory.

Our manpower will use gloves while packing, loading, and unpacking. This helps us prevent touching anything contaminated.

  • We strictly maintain physical distance while working on and off the premises of the client.

We strongly advise both our staff and clients to maintain social distance for additional safety. The minimum distance between workers will be maintained while packing and loading the client’s belongings.  

  • Temperature checks are done for the crew various times a day.

All of our worker’s temperatures will be checked and noted frequently. Staff with high temperatures will not be seen at work.

  •  Sanitisers, disinfectant sprays, and the essentials are provided to the employees.

Staff will sanitise their hands many times during their working period. We’ve provided them the needful. Our manpower will be urged to keep their sanitisers handy or wash their hands frequently.

  • Trucks & warehouses will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after every use.

We use our vehicles for logistics, we’re making sure to sanitise them completely by wiping down steering wheels, seats, and truck doors before leaving the warehouse and after every use.

  • Our equipment which we use in carrying heavyweights is also sanitised for every use.

Packing material like cardboard boxes, wraps are being sanitised while using and after using.

We use our material to pack your belongings, all the essential utilities will be disinfected properly because there is a high chance of anyone touching/holding it.

  • Packaging with extra care.

Keeping the current situation in mind, things are packed tightly with more precautions.

  • We take measures even while moving your vehicle.

The vehicle we use to transport your car, our crew, and your vehicle will be cleaned and the delivery will be made safely.

  • Different payment methods.

We are accepting all kinds of online payments for a more contact less service. All credit cards, Debit cards, cheque, and online transfers are accepted.

  • If the clients are moving out of state, we make sure to follow the new guidelines of the new state.

Because of COVID-19, every state has a set of new guidelines. Before moving to a new state, we make sure to follow the rules.

  •  While we offer to store your belongings in our warehouse, we sanitise our place before the arrival and after the departure of goods.

Suggestions for our customers and clients while moving:

  • Ensure there is enough ventilation in the new home you are moving in. Keep the windows wide open and sanitise two to three times.
  • Maintain a six feet distance with all the members and moving crew.
  • Wash your hands frequently and a change of clothes is preferable after you move in.
  • Avoid having kids, and elders around while relocating.
  • Keep sanitiser and extra gloves handy.
  • Re-sanitise all the door handles, taps, and potentially contaminated places. 
  • If moving into a gated community or apartment know the new rules and follow accordingly.
  • Take a virtual tour of the place you are moving in and know what zone it is in.

Do’s before & after moving:

  • Do hire packers & movers for a hassle-free moving experience.
  • Do sanitize and disinfect the place beforehand on the day you are moving.
  • Do sort things according to the use like essentials, toiletries, and valuables, etc.
  • Do clean every item and piece of furniture while rearranging.
  • Do label and organise everything for easy unpacking.
  • Do ask for less manpower while moving.

Don’t before and after relocating:

  • Don’t go out frequently if you are moving into a high or moderately crowded area.
  • Don’t touch any lift buttons, bars near the steps directly.
  • Don’t touch outsider’s vehicles and belongings.

 The safety of our staff and our customers is our top priority at the moment.

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