How Much Do Movers And Packers Charge?

How Much Do Movers And Packers Charge?

While your new abode awaits your arrival, you must be busy winding up the old home. Planning and moving by yourself is not only tiresome but very expensive too. You can cut down on all the hassles of moving and hire a professional. Ace RelocationsTM is a one-stop solution for all your relocation requirements. They are efficient and reliable; and have experience in relocation, so added safety! 

However, before hiring professional packers and movers, you should understand their budgeting process. Most people today are unaware of this and are vulnerable to fraud. They can easily be misled and tricked into paying more. Wherever you are moving, be within the city or across the country, the rates may vary according to your locality and city. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai or Bangalore have higher than standard rates. Smaller cities may charge less than standard. 

Estimating Relocation Cost 

The relocation budget can vary from company to company and place to place. But there are certain fixed factors that impact the cost. After evaluation of several best packers and movers in India, we have come up with these data that will help you manage your budget before your next relocation! 

The base cost of your relocation will be determined by your current and end location. The relocation cost varies with intracity or domestic relocation. Packers and movers companies have different rates for both the relocation procedures. 

Within the city 

If you are relocating your house or office within the city, the transportation becomes easier. The packers and movers will have to spend less time in the relocation process. This costs significantly less than other domestic relocations. 


 When it comes to relocation, the items that you wish to move with you, play a vital role. The number and size of goods will determine the size of transportation required. Bigger or larger number of items will require a bigger truck and vice-versa. In calculating your relocation cost, the size of the truck accounts for its booking price. It also determines how much packaging material will be required and the manpower for packaging. All these factors hold a major share in your estimate. 


Packaging is an essential in relocation. Ace RelocationsTM  assigns trained professionals to ensure optimum and efficient packaging for your goods to prevent any damages. However, bulkier items like refrigerator, wardrobes, beds, etc are generally not packaged for relocation. They are dismantled if need be. The smaller and more sensitive items are packaged carefully. TV, glass racks, geyser, etc are more vulnerable to damage and are packaged very carefully with extra protection. Conclusively, every item is packaged differently according to the requirement. Packaging materials 

are arranged accordingly and have specified rates. These material costs add up into your relocation budget. 


Packers and movers company provides you with people to pack all your belongings, load them on the vehicle, unload at the destination and help you unpack if you choose. This manpower accounts for its labour charges. These charges depend on the size of your house and required manpower. According to the base standards, a 1BHK house requires about 2-3 people for the process that takes around 3 hours. Subsequent increase in the number of rooms, in turn, adds up to two people for each room. The charge for each person is about Rs. 400-500. 


In local shifting, distance fee is generally not applicable. Since a 10-15km distance won’t wind up costing the company extra, it is not added to the budget. However, in bigger cities where the destination is above 20kms, distance fee may be included as well. 

Extra Factors Affecting Budget 

Apart from these basics, there are other factors that affect your relocation budget. These factors are either choice based or company specific. 


For your relocation, the movers and packers company in India generally provide you with two transportation options 

Shared: In a shared carrier, your goods are transported along with other goods going to the same destination as yours. This facility costs less but delivery takes significantly longer than usual. 

Dedicated or personal: This facility costs more but exclusively carries your items and is delivered faster. 

Value addition 

The best packers and movers companies provide extra facilities to you. Instead of performing the tedious task of arranging the new house, you can ask your movers and packers to unpack and reassemble all your goods. Of course, the charges are added to the relocation cost but the work will be done without any hassle. Movers and packers have fixed rates for reassembly or fitting of your goods. They can help you with installation of your air conditioner, geyser, television mount, etc. They can also help you reassemble your beds and cupboards, whatever are your requirements. 

Apart from that, you can also get your vehicle transported to your new destination. Ace RelocationsTM has specialized carriers for safely transporting your car or bike at your doorstep with additional costing. 


Insurance is a factor that protects your financial interest. In case of any unforeseen event such as accident or natural disaster, goods may suffer significant damage. In such a case, Insurance can be claimed to cover your losses. Packers and movers companies generally insist on taking insurance for your own benefit in case of any mishap. Insurance charges are generally 3% of the total declared value of your goods and are added to your budget. 

Company Standard 

Movers and packers companies have their base rates according to their market value. The standard of the company also speaks for their work in this field. A big brand in the movers and packers industry will charge more than a smaller or more recent one. Best packers and movers bring best facilities to your doorsteps, but with greater cost. It is always preferable to choose a well experienced company and enjoy more reliable services. 

The company’s base rate is always fixed. Rest of the budget is built on it according to your requirements. 

Additional Charges 

According to India’s economic guidelines, movers and packers companies charge GST for their services. The GST is based on the company’s structure and services. It sometimes varies with your relocation destination. A company can charge higher GST for relocating in a different city or state. The movers and packers also charge extra in case of domestic relocation to cover the charges of toll gates and inter-state transit clearance. 

While planning your relocation, you should always get an estimated budget from different packers and movers companies. It will give you an insight of the average market rate and let you choose which company fits your budget the best. 

Remember, be wise with the budget and don’t break your bank. 

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