How do packers and movers quote the amount for your move?

How do packers and movers quote the amount for your move?

What are the factors you usually consider while moving or hiring packers and movers? Reliability, reviews, and cost are the deciding factors while choosing a moving company. Our Ace relocations team thrives on giving you the best and genuine prices ever. Unlike other packers and movers, Ace relocations are quite transparent about how we quote the cost for your move. You don’t have to pay a number with four zeros to move from one home to another. Allow us to give you a rundown on how and why we charge the amount.

Things that are included in the cost of moving:

  1. Basic information

We start with general information, like email address, mobile number, any ID, etc to move further in the process. We collect this information to establish proper communication from both ends. To contact us you can always visit our website, write to us or call us for any queries. 

Note: We don’t use your personal data and contact information for any other purposes and we do not ask for any bank credentials for insurance purposes.

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2. Size of the house

The amount depends on the house we shift, charges vary from 1BHK, 2BHK, and it goes on. The prices will be different if it is a factory or office moving. The size of the place is one of the cost deciding factors.

3. Articles to be moved

In the next step, our team gathers the information about appliances, furniture and other things to be moved from your house. A list will be provided to you and all you need to do is mark the things that you own. This gives us an idea and an edge for packing preparation.

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4. Packing material 

We bring our own standard packing material, starting from cardboard boxes, vacuum covers, and a long list of packing material. It is all upon us, the final quote will be inclusive of all these materials. Some people ask for waterproof packing too. In these types of scenarios, the prices go up.

Visit our blog page on the website for interesting and useful blogs about packing, moving, and more.

5. Calculation of CFT

Now, we calculate the length, height, and width of all the things to be moved. This calculation is to get accurate packing material and how much labor and space does it take to carry. According to the size of the furniture and appliances, sometimes we might need an extra hand from equipment to carry your belongings. That will be arranged too

CFT calculation for goods to shift in India
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6. Choosing the vehicle

We don’t go with big and heavy vehicles for all our customers. We chose the vehicles accordingly to fit your stuff. The CFT calculations give us the advantage of selecting the truck according to your belongings size, mass, and volume. Our vehicles range from an average truck to 32 feet long container vehicles. There is no need to worry, we will choose what’s best for you

7. Manpower required for the move

Our well trained and skilled labor charge a certain amount, their wages will be included in the fare.

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8. Distance between to and from

The distance from your old house to a new home will be estimated, the transportation charges will be added to the total amount. If it is a local move, it will be less. It is intercity, then it will be relatively more.

9. Insurance coverage costs

Insurance will be charged at only two percent standard. You can claim insurance in any case of damage or loss of belongings.

Some other factors determining the cost of moving

10. Time of booking

If you book our service way earlier, you have a thick chance of getting a discount or low price on your total quote amount. Don’t wait for the last moment and pay more. Be smart and book your services as soon as possible.


11. Season

There is no season for moving but, usually prior to an academic year or after a financial year there are more people on the move. This happens because of transfers, moving to other cities after completion of school, or for higher education


12. The number of floors.

In metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, there will be twenty or more floor buildings. The charges may go up as the number of floors goes up


13. Storage

We are happy to help if you want storage services too. Because you always don’t have the luxury or situation to move directly. In this case, we offer storage spaces and costs according to the size of belonging and the number of days stored.


14. Car/ Vehicle transport

You can inform us if there are any more pieces with you to move other than the list that was provided earlier by you. Ace relocations teams also offer car carrier services in India, so that you don’t have to drive your way through the country.


We don’t just promise competitive prices, we implement it too. For more details contact us and to get a free quote now visit our website. Asking for a quote takes a couple of simple steps and answering a few questions.

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