Corporate Relocation during Corona Pandemic

Corporate Relocation during Corona Pandemic

COVID-19 has caused havoc across the world. The situation seems to have been aggravated in recent times through the lengths and breadths of India, affecting every facet of livelihood. Be it households, corporate sectors, or general well-being, everything is suffering the negative impact of this pandemic. 

Since the implementation of lockdown in the country, work from home culture has facilitated safety for the office employees but has added to the difficulty in managing work from their abode. Moreover, there is no assurance as to when life will go back to its normalcy, and professionals will be able to rejoin their offices. 

In such a situation, Ace RelocationsTM has come to your rescue. Ace RelocationsTM is a proficient movers and packers company and the most efficient corporate relocation service provider.

How is Corporate Relocation Service Helpful?

Before the lockdown, employees worked in the offices where all their appliances and hardware were available. During this pandemic, employees are following the work from a home culture where they might not have the necessary hardware to carry out their work process smoothly. 

It is very difficult for the office staff to take on the office relocation process, or even bringing bulky hardware to their homes. It is not only stressful but also dangerous. There are chances to be exposed to lethal contamination by coming in contact with other people. Staying indoors in such a situation is imperative.

But when the equipment is of absolute necessity, hiring a packers and movers company that provides the facility of corporate relocation is the best solution. This will enable you to work without worrying about the absence of necessary equipment.

A packers and movers company will safely pack all the materials from your office that you need to relocate and transport it to the destination. They are not only cost-efficient but also take all necessary measures to keep their own employees as well as others safe from contamination. 

What Is The Corporate Relocation Process?

We at Ace RelocationsTM believe in helping our clients through thick and thin with 100% credibility and security. In these unprecedented times, we are concerned with providing hassle-free relocation services while also considering the community’s well-being. 

Any relocation process during this pandemic can be complicated. Packers and movers companies have services that can ease this process for you. When it comes to Corporate relocation, it can either be temporary amid lockdown for facilitating ease of work from home or permanently to a different location. 

At Ace RelocationsTM, you can choose to avail of either of these relocation services and be assured of maximized security and hygiene. Here is the basic process of corporate relocation


You can contact and hire a packers and movers company, letting them know the corporate relocation requirements. The executive will help you obtain an estimated relocation cost, confirm the booking with date, time, venue, and other necessary details. You should also get detailed information about the insurance provided by the company for your goods.


Ace RelocationsTM uses the best quality packaging material for your goods. Especially while packing fragile hardware, extra care is taken while packaging so that it does not incur any damages during transit. Every equipment is individually packaged according to the need. Once everything is packed, each package is fumigated to prevent contamination. 


All the goods are loaded on the vehicle carefully. Modern techniques are used to load fragile and bulky items onto the vehicle to keep it from any damage. All the loaded goods are placed skillfully to minimize any chances of damage due to jerks on the road. Drivers of these vehicles are professionals and acclaimed for the safety of your goods.

Tracking and Delivery

Ace RelocationsTM enables you to track your delivery through our customer care service. Once your goods are in transit, you can connect with the company’s customer care and get the detailed information regarding the whereabouts of your consignment. 

At the delivery, all the packages are fumigated again as precautionary measures. It is suggested by health experts to not come in contact with delivered consignments for at least 24 hours. However, if needed, the labor will help in arranging the consignment as well. 

Don’t forget to tip the workers for their service through such difficult times. 

Precautions During Pandemic

We at Ace RelocationsTM understand the requisite of observing precautionary measures during these times. Accepting these standards as the new ‘normal’, we have prioritized reliable services as well as amplified precautionary measures to protect the community from getting infected. 

We have implied new hygiene regulations as well as other measures to ensure safety. We have curated a COVID checklist that helps our employees maintain personal hygiene.

Here’s how Ace RelocationsTM is all set to fight coronavirus

Self Health And Safety

Practicing physical distancing and wearing masks and gloves are an absolute must to ensure safety in the current scenario. All our staff members and the workforce have the compulsion to practice this rule. Each employee is instructed to carry hand sanitizers and use it as needed. The thermal scanning of our staff members is done every day. Any unfit worker has suggested a checkup and is sent on leave. 

Consignment Safety

At Ace RelocationsTM, we ensure optimum safety for your goods. We use equipment to fumigate your consignment after packaging and before delivery to make sure they have no contamination whatsoever. As per the guidelines of the Health Ministry, it is suggested to not come in close contact with goods for a day- we suggest the same. Although, if the need arises, our workers help in placing your equipment in the right place and fumigate it again if required.

Mental Well-being

Amid these difficult times, we understand that it can be tough for some of our employees to cope with the situation. We have made it a point to educate our staff about this pandemic and sources of contamination. We are also coming up with content to keep our employees informed and motivated through these rough conditions.

We are also in touch with our clients, counseling them for their panic and anxiety due to the circumstances which are affecting their mental well-being. 

Ace RelocationsTM stands with the world in this fight against Coronavirus, continually putting in efforts to serve our clients and make their lives easier through this unfortunate phenomenon. 

We are sure that this pandemic will be under control and soon be eradicated from the world under the able guidance of our leaders and citizens.

For more information about corporate relocation, connect with Ace RelocationsTM.