13 Household Essential After You Shift

13 Household Essential After You Shift

Every household is different and unique. While some people are fond of designer kitchenware, some are more inclined towards appliances. People invest in updated appliances or trendy & cozy furniture.

 We put in a lot of money and thought to make the house look like a home, might as well put it in useful things. People have different priorities while putting it all together. 

We counted down our top fifteen picks to invest in after moving into your new house

  1. Furniture

There is no debate about it, a good piece of furniture can make or break the look of your living room. A big and comfy couch for your bedroom, coffee/ side table, and a classic five or more seater sofa would be a good start for furniture. 

Finally, add a rug or carpet underneath the furniture to lift the place, this adds a layout for your furniture. Choose the colors that match the vibe or complement the walls of your new home post house shifting. Add some funky yet vibrant looking pieces to the furniture to make it look more fun.

2. Chandelier

Chandeliers add the modern yet contemporary touch to your living space. They come in all different shapes and sizes, choose the style that fits with the other pieces in our home. Chandeliers can really brighten up the space, decide the vibe first. You can either go old and vintage or modern and chic. Honestly, they work the right way.

3. Curtains or Drapes

Drape it up, choosing curtains is a bit tricky. Curtains should complement the window frames and put the look together. There is a certain criterion while choosing drapes. They should be transparent enough to allow natural light into the rooms, length according to the window frame and finally the color and pattern which should match with walls, furniture and enhance the look of the room.

4. Art and Antiques

If you are someone who is into art, paintings, and antiques, you might as well go on and buy a few pieces to showcase it here and there in the different parts of your new home post house shifting. Paintings are really cool things to hang in your hall.

5. Dinnerware and Silverware

Get some amazing dinnerware for your dining table and if your budget allows getting your hands on silverware is a good idea too. Go with white or any minimal tones that match your table.

A set of glasses of every kind is what we suggest you should have, water glasses, wine glass set, and a set of mugs for hot beverages.

6. Appliances

Kitchen appliances make life easy. Oven, toaster, kettle, coffee maker are some of the items you should definitely own. These are the kitchen essentials for making easy breakfast and instant beverages. 

A chimney is another thing you should definitely invest in, it makes cooking less harder, less smoky, and more fun.

7. Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a wise thing to buy, it is easy to use, time-saving, and does the job just right. We all are always ready to run, these things come in handy when you’re in a rush. 

8. Speakers

We don’t always have the luxury and time to visit theaters, with the rise of OTT we can watch all we want in your own space. So, for a theater-like experience buy a quality home theater or speakers and have a blast.


9. Alexa

Alexa, pack my things. Just kidding, well Alexa can’t do it but Ace relocations can. 

Alexa is a good virtual assistant, you can listen to your morning playlist, blast music while cooking or workout, or have Alexa read the headlines for you. There are other options like Google, you can choose what you like.


10. Closet

Building a closet is a dream and a nightmare at the same time. While we struggle to get closets and wardrobes in our taste and budget, there are many sales and offers out on the internet.


11. A life-size mirror

Buy a mirror for your dressing room, a really big one if possible. Place it near to closets or at a corner with good lighting. A nice framed mirror is not so hard to find, so go on and buy it according to your taste. You can even buy a mirror with a vintage touch.


12. Safe locker

This is a clever thing to buy, this password-protected locker is useful in the safekeeping of all your money, gems, and valuables. Buy it in a compact size so that you can lock in away in one of your wardrobes.  


13. Tool Kit

Many things need fixing in the newly moved house, a carpenter wouldn’t be standing at your doorstep always. So, a toolbox with a proper hammer, nails, screwdriver, etc. This can be a rescue kit at the time of repairs. Packers and movers usually provide you with a handymen support during house shifting.


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Remember one thing – choose some pieces modestly and go bold with some things, this is how you give the twenty-first-century edge to the home. 


If you are moving into your own newly constructed house, try a nice wallpaper, put a bookshelf, a relaxing couch, make your own home office, vertical herb garden on the balcony and more. Like ikea ad says, ‘’your home is full of possibilities.’’

These are the few things you should own or buy post your house shifting. Depends upon your likes and dislikes you can add or remove a few items to the above list.

Note: It is clever to put all the boxes of appliances together for further use rather than throwing them away.


You might think these many things can make your house more clumsy or make it hard for the next move, but no, Ace relocations are here to make you move easily.


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