What Are Pre-Move Surveys? Why Are They Important?

What Are Pre-Move Surveys? Why Are They Important?

As you start planning your relocation, you consult with movers and packers companies for an estimated relocation budget. That’s where a pre-move survey comes into play. Because relocations can be an extensive and troublesome process, pre-move surveys  help you plan your relocation and other essential elements related to the shifting process, efficiently. 

Companies like Ace RelocationsTM provide this survey free of cost. They not only assist in winding up the physical work but also help in planning and ensure the smoothest relocation. 

The company has trained professionals who guide you with the particulars of planning your relocation. They help you understand the service, preparing an itinerary of your possessions, relocation cost, and much more. 

Why Is A Pre-Move Survey Important for long distance packers and movers services? 

A pre-move survey is critical before selecting a long distance packers and movers company. This service helps in understanding how the company effectively plans your shifting process and comfort with its facilitation. You get to meet a professional executive that the company assigns to you. This person assists you in chalking out the entire relocation process. 

An in-person meeting with the executive helps in minimizing any communication gap that may occur otherwise. You can be crystal clear on every element of the moving process. 

Apart from this, the survey also helps you in de-cluttering and deciding what you need to sell or donate before moving out. The prime benefit of taking this pre-move survey is that you get the approximate cost involved in your relocation. 

You can use this estimate to compare it with other companies too. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are not obliged to select the company once they conduct a pre-move survey. It depends on your own will and choice to keep your options open. 

How Is The Survey Conducted? 

Now that you know the ‘why’ let’s move on to the ‘how’. In a pre-move survey, an executive from the long distance packers and movers company will come to your house on a mutually decided time. They will inspect your home for all the goods that you will be taking along with you to your new destination. They will also check the volume of the goods and account for all the necessary factors of your relocation budget. 

There are several things the executive can guide you with during the survey. Here are some of them:

  • The executive will mainly look into the volume of your possessions. This will determine the workforce required, the requirement of packaging materials, the time needed for packing, and the size of the vehicle that should be used in transportation. All these factors will impact the relocation cost.


  • You might not be able to take along all your goods with you while relocating. They might be unnecessary or unviable for transporting. The executive will walk you through all the things you should and should not take. Some companies have policies related to items they do not allow for transportation. If such policies exist in your selected company, the executive will let you know. 
  • Ace Relocations™ provides multiple options for services. Facilities like premium packaging, extra safe transportation, additional workforce for quicker work, etc. are some of them. The executive will discuss your demands in these terms.


  • Long distance packers and movers in India provide certain value-added services that you are free to choose. Services like car transportation, warehouse storage, etc. are some of them. The pre-move survey executive will inform you about these facilities, and you can decide if you want any of them.


  • Finally, the executive will analyze all your prerequisites and calculate the budget. He will provide you with the approximate relocation cost. You can get this tentative budget invoice in written or printed to tally it with other companies. 

Ask It All 

While the long distance packers and movers executive conducts the pre-move survey, it is an excellent time to interact with him and understand the process. It is also an opportunity for you to tell him about your moving requirements. There is certain information you should provide him and questions you should ask. This will aid in a better understanding of the relocation process according to the company’s norms. 

Here are some factors you should focus on when the pre-move survey is conducted. 

  • The essential thing that you need to inform the survey executive is the details of your relocation. It would be best to tell him about the date you are planning to shift on, the time you want packing to start, general overview of your relocation locality, etc. 
  • You should inform the executive about the items you are planning to leave behind. They should be clear about the things you need to relocate to avoid the overestimation of goods. You should also mention if you are planning to buy any bulky goods from before relocation. 
  • You should be clear about the things you will not be allowed to take along through transporting. If you own any such goods that may not be relocated by the company, ask the executive for an available alternate option. 
  • Be clear on the service quality the company has to provide. It would help if you questioned about the packaging material, technique, good carrier, etc. It would help if you understood adequately how the process is going to take place. 
  • You should discuss the facilities provided by the long distance packers and movers company under the basic package. Packing, loading, and unloading are generally the necessary facilities. Services like unpacking, reassembling, arranging of goods may cost you extra. Let him know if you want to select any of the value-added services.
  • You should learn about the safety guidelines the long distance packers and movers company follows. It would be best if you were sure that they hold all the necessary license and clearance required for relocation services. You should also get detailed information about consignment insurance coverage.


  • One central element of the pre-move survey is to get the cost of moving. Be clear with the costing. Understand the break-up of the estimate. Question about the GST, insurance, or any other additional cost that is applied. Make sure there are no hidden charges in the estimation.


  • With the final budget estimate in hand, don’t jump into conclusions. Get pre-move surveys taken from multiple long distance packers and movers companies. Get a relocation budget from each of them and decide what suits you. 

Once done with the pre-move survey, you are free to analyze which company fits best to your requirements and budget. This survey is a great way to prevent any rushed decisions that you may regret later. Plan and leave the rest to Ace Relocations™ . 

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