Quick Home Decor Tips Post House Shifting

Quick Home Decor Tips Post House Shifting

Ever wondered about how to decorate your home post shifting? Couldn’t figure out what to buy or where to start? Ace Relocations is here, and we might have some ideas on how to lift your home decor game post shifting.

Decorating your home post shifting is an art. Either you are doing it to a brand new home decor post shifting or just doing a redo to your old one. A little decor never hurts anybody.

Here’s how to add simple, chic, and yet modern decor ideas to your house.

  • Lighting is everything

If you can ensure the lighting is bright, then it is a good step to start with. Remember, light is everything. Let the natural light flow into the house fully, arrange vibrant lights in the dark places of the house. If the lighting part is done right, then the rest of the decor adds to it.

  • Embrace the Nature

Add a few indoor plants in the living room, try to grow a nice creeper on the balcony. If you have enough space, you can create a hanging garden of useful plants in the kitchen or grow some more plants in the different parts of the house. Plants make the house feel more lively.

  • Curate a picture wall

Choose a wall and add framed pictures either symmetrically or asymmetrically, whichever suits. The pictures can be of you and the family or anything that looks good or makes you feel happy. It’s not always about aesthetics, you can always throw some funny pictures up there and laugh about it.

  • Use mirrors wisely

Adding mirrors in the places where the natural light hits the most is brilliant. The mirror makes space look bigger and bright. Add one in the hallway or add anywhere where there is nothing to fill up. Honestly, mirrors work anywhere around the house.

  • Colorful wallpaper

Unusual wallpapers with different patterns, mixes are in trend right now. They add the modern edge to the house and bring out the fun side of the home decor post shifting. This is a nice way to elevate the house from within.

  • Showcase Antique Art pieces

Buy an antique piece, an old art once in a while and add them around the house. Investing in antiques could never go wrong, those pieces increase in value with time. 

  • A chandelier

Chandeliers are extravagant, we agree. But, now you can find a chic and simple chandelier that suits your home decor post shifting and adds a little glam to the ceiling.

  • Add Accents to personalize

Throw some mismatched pieces all around the house, personalize them and try to showcase your unique taste, personal style in those accents. These can be in all forms starting with handles, doorknobs, drapes to color choices.

  • Candle and Vases

Buy a nice set of candles with a mild fragrance or which matches the vibe of your house. Get yourself a nice couple of clear vases, put a combination of flowers, and try to pick different colors.

  • Bold furniture

This is a big step to take because most people choose only neutral or black, brown, etc. colors. Try going with more vibrant and lively color. Choose a few contrasting colors for couches and side tables. 

  • Go crazy with the throw pillows

There is no rule for the throw pillows, pick completely opposite types, colors, patterns, and textures of throw pillows. Add a cozy and interesting touch to the living area.

  • A mismatched rug

Never, I repeat never compromise on choosing a rug. You can go with any shape and color of the rug but the only thing to remember is that it should flow with the whole look and elevate the space. There will be many choices you can either go for plain and neutrals or colorful and royal rugs.

  • Strike a balance between vintage and modern

Honestly, this is a tough one to crack. Let us give an example for you if you are going for modern furnishing on the ground, try to glam it up with vintage ceilings and old chandelier kind of looks.

Here are some of our curated tips for home decor post shifting, anyone can use it accordingly and some of them are extremely cost-efficient. Hope you like them, tell us your ideas, and how you like ours on our social media pages.

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