Packing tips by the top Packers and Movers Company

Packing tips by the top Packers and Movers Company

If you are shifting to a new house and that day is around the corner. You might have a lot of things to worry about. So we need to look up some packing hacks and tricks on the internet. Unless you are some packing genius like Marie kondo you can’t make packing look oh so easy.

To roll or to fold, a never-ending debate on what saves the space. We have been serving for two decades in the packers and movers Industry. We would like to share our experience.


Even though the way we pack depends on things like your suitcase, backpack, or a cardboard box. Allow me to end this discussion, roll the smooth fabrics like T-shirts, casual dresses, and fold all the firm clothes like denim and jackets. We can’t sort the mess by following just a few steps, the chaos is different for every person. 

With our experience we would like to share a little something to help you come out of that packing trauma.


Here’s everything you need to know:


  • Everything you will ever need to pack

First things first, you will need a long list of items, a handful of time, and endless patience. Tape, scissors, space bags, paper towels, or a pack of tissues. The main things are loads and loads of carton boxes, hangers, and compression bags, wardrobe boxes, and repellent spray.


  • Wash your clothes

Do your laundry first. Wash the used clothes and let them dry in proper light and air. Washing the garments prior to packing will decrease the chances of any damage or bad odor while unpacking. Washing makes it easy while rearranging too, you can directly arrange them back in cabinets.


  • Declutter your closet

Take your time, let out a breath, and start decluttering your wardrobes. You are most likely to find things that you almost forgot they existed. Ask yourself a few questions like ”do I need this?”, ”do I like it now?”. Separate your clothes accordingly.


  • Sell or donate

After decluttering clothes, footwear, and unwanted accessories make further organizing on what to sell, donate, and throw away. Get rid of pieces you no more wear. Sell things which you have never used before, donate if they are still in a good state, and throw away if you find them of no other use. 


  • Store with strategy

Start the clothes packing early too, don’t wait for the last moment and pack in a hurry. Start packing your winter clothes, sweaters before if you are moving in summer and vice versa. Space bags and compression bags are literally a boon to you for efficient packing. 

Categorize your clothes according to use, material, and color. Rather than stacking up in a single box and making it heavy, make use of medium size boxes. Pack your pieces of denim jackets separately.


  • Wardrobe boxes/ hanging racks

Wardrobe boxes with hangers come in really handy if you have clothing pieces that cannot be folded. Heavy gowns, suits, and more pieces can be safely packed in vacuum covers and hanged in the hanging racks. Wrap the hanging clothes in compression bags before hanging. If those wardrobe boxes are unavailable, hang those kinds of clothing in your long closets while moving.


  • Use suitcases wisely

If you don’t want to pack your clothes in suitcases, put all the suitcases one in another. Either pack the suitcases in a box or if you have an empty closet lock the bags in the closet. Don’t forget to use a spray to avoid insects, crawlies inside clothes and boxes.


  • Footwear 

Pack your shoes in a different box. To save a little space, roll your socks and pile them in the shoes. Make layers while packing and lay down a newspaper below. Pack shoes, heels, and flats in layers respectively. If you couldn’t fit everything in one, take boxes accordingly to all categories and label them.


  • Accessories

Pack your hats, scarves, and others in a separate box. Put your knick-knack jewellery in plastic boxes or zip lock covers. Secure your valuables, store them somewhere safe. Label the box as accessories or anything you wish. 


  • Double boxing

Clothing bags usually don’t become heavy. Add an extra box on the outside of the packed one if it becomes heavier.


  • Hire packers and movers

Still, thinking about why to put those many efforts?

Hire the best packers & movers in the city and go hassle-free. Because packing and moving can’t happen single-handed. Get the best services around you and relocate happily. 

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Some Other things you should remember while packing:

  • Use your old clothes to pack any glass pieces and crockery.

  • Label everything, this gives you an idea of what is already packed and what is yet to be packed.

  • Don’t forget to lock all your wardrobes, suitcases before moving to prevent loss of items.

  • While packing your kitchenware you can lay down your old clothes in the box for smooth packing.

  • Don’t forget to use repellent sprays that are sensitive to clothing before and after packing.

  • Pack all the bedspreads, pillow covers, and quilts separately in another box and label it. Set your bedroom and bed first once you move in.

  • With the new Covid-19 situation going on, it’s always better to disinfect everything before and after moving. Washing your clothes using a bar of antibacterial soap is a bonus.

  • If you are packing pressed or ironed clothes allot a much wider cardboard box all to itself, this prevents wrinkles.


Moving your house looks simple but there are tons of hidden complications that makes it tiresome and not worthy of all the efforts. This is the reason the birth of packers and movers companies took place all over the world and we at Ace RelocationsTM are happy to help you.

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